Packing produce for donation

Guidelines for growers


Weigh your donation and report it by clicking the button below. If you're using the Fresh Food Connect app, you don't need to send a separate report.

  • If you have leafy herbs or greens, clip and weigh them as close to donation time as possible.

  • Refrigerate in a clean baggie with a dry paper towel until you drop them off or donate them.

  • Except for herbs, don’t mix types of produce in the baggie.

  • Label each baggie with the name of the fruit, veggie or herb.

  • Make sure the food bank or pantry accepts produce. These pantries  accept produce.

  • Don’t harvest when you’re sick, and wash your hands before harvesting.

  • Only donate high quality and freshly picked produce – no overripe, molding, bruised, insect-damaged or spoiled fruits or veggies.

  • Wipe off mud/dirt, but don’t rinse the produce – that can remove a protective coating and cause the produce to spoiler sooner. The pantries/banks rinse all donated produce.

labeled produce.png