Report your donation through the Fresh Food Connect app

Download the app to donate your produce in one of our activated zip codes

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Download the Fresh Food Connect app

The app is supported on both iOS and Android. You can search for it in your phone or tablet's app store or use the link above.


Create your account

Open the app and select Sign Up. When asked to enter your zip code, enter the zip code of the drop-off site or food pantry where you intend to leave your donation. You can find pantry addresses on this page; if you don't know the drop-off locations, you can enter your home zip code.

Activated zip codes are 22003, 22030, 22031, 22041-22044, 22046 and 22310. We'll add zip codes as new drop-off sites are created.


Tell us about your donation

Click on Share My Harvest. Whether you're delivering your donation to a pantry or leaving it at a host, click I'll Drop Off to Nonprofit. Enter the type and weight of produce. You can also take a photo of your donation. Enter multiple items by clicking Add Another. When finished, click Next.

You may need to tap your screen to make the number pad disappear.


Schedule your delivery

On the next screen, the Instructions field will provide information about when the site is open for donations and about other donation sites in the zip code, if any.
After you deliver your donation, remember to tap the donation in the Pending section of the app and tap Drop Off.