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1st donation to Food for Others: Done!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

THANK YOU to Grow a Row FC volunteers! We delivered our first donation of fresh, healthy (and gorgeous!) produce to Food for Others this week, contributing 6 pounds of cabbage as well as kale, dill, lettuce, spinach and winter peas.

It's been a busy week for Grow a Row. We've added 4 more drop-off sites for growers to take their produce so they don't have to deliver to Food for Others or a pantry themselves. We've also had two site visits to help out a new grower and have delivered seeds, compost and transplants to 14 growers. Others are donating what they're growing themselves.

Don't doubt that what you're doing matters. This week, in a call with the Fairfax Food Council, the Capital Area Food Bank reported that they are distributing 38% MORE food through their partner network, even though only 60% of their partners are still open. They are buying truckloads of food and say that they'll work with non-traditional partners to fill in the gaps at this time. If you know of any pantries that can help get food to people who need it, contact CAFB.

In the meantime, keep telling people about Grow a Row FC. If you don't have your own plants, we have plenty of tomato and bell pepper transplants and hundreds of seed packets to give out. It isn't too late yet to start a summer garden, whether it's in your backyard or in a container (even if that container is a laundry basket or sled or deep bowl). We're fighting hunger, one tomato at a time.

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