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Here today, tarragon tomorrow

Peggy Riccio, president of the Potomac Unit of the Herb Society of America, gave Grow a Row FC a literal car full of herbs dug up from her own yard. It’s exciting to think about all the herbs we’ll be able to grow and donate as a result of Peggy’s generosity. She also has tons of information to share with Grow a Row FC growers too -- see below for all the ways to learn from her about gardening and local gardening news and deals.

Email me or fill out the request form if you’d like any of these plants:

· Epazote, an herb used regularly in Oaxacan and Yucatan dishes, must be planted in a container or it will spread.

· Fennel, the herb type (not the bulb type), grows 3-5’ tall, has dill-like leaves and tasty seeds.

· Lemon balm -- being a member of the mint family, this should be planted in a container or it will spread like crazy (although Peggy has had good luck with it in the ground in a partially shady spot).

· Marjoram

· Mint, chocolate -- all mints must be planted in a container or they will take over.

· Mint, Lemon

· Mint, peppermint

· Mint, spearmint

· Mint, strawberry

· Mint, Thai

· Onions, walking (aka Egyptian)

· Oregano, spicy

· Rosemary (only 2 plants left)

· Thyme, English

· Thyme, lemon

· Thyme, Pennsylvania Dutch tea

Peggy also donated 5 hillside planters that look like this in the garden and that are available to Grow a Row volunteers:

Peggy has a B.S. in horticulture from Virginia Tech and has been involved in horticultural communications for 30 years. You can connect with her by: · Visiting, a free online resource for gardening in the DC metro area and, through that site, subscribe to Pegplant’s Post, a free gardening e-newsletter. · Listening to Pegplant’s Podcast, a short, weekly podcast for Mid-Atlantic gardeners. The podcast, available at the pegplant website, provides news about events, plants, products and books as well as deals that local nurseries are offering. · Following the Culinary Herbs and Spices Facebook group that is open to anyone but is a private group. Peggy welcomes you to join and share your experiences growing and using herbs and spices. She also encourages members to share recipes. · Following her gardening adventures as pegplant on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. · Attending her May 4 talk, Growing and Using Culinary Herbs, noon to 1:00 pm on Zoom. The event, hosted by the Fairfax County Public Library, is free but you need to register here.

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Peggy Riccio
Peggy Riccio
Apr 22, 2021

Thank you for the kind write up!

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